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Cake or Death?

Uh, cake please.

1 February
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I am a recent graduate living in Pittsburgh. I love to write when I'm struck with the inspiration, but sadly that doesn't happen as often as I'd like. I tend to read more than I write. I'm a hockey fan, and the Penguins are my NHL team. Team USA for all international events goes totally without saying. :) There are several teams I rather like or at least tolerate, and several players I love and admire. As well as hockey I'm crazy about literature, tea, and costume dramas. Possibly my favorite subject of reading material is a combination of smut and romance with some angst thrown in, and eventual happy endings. :D

Here you'll find whatever fic I happen to sporadically write, memes, and the occasional real-life stuff. Most of the time I'm here to read things and follow hockey goings-on, but every so often I'll find reason to update.